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The goal of this web site is to let our land owners know what is happening in one of the nicest parts of Colorado and to bring suggestions as to how those folks living here, especially those living here full time, need to be prepared for those few times when the weather can prove challenging. For those living here, if you see something of interest to the rest of the community, please contact the PTRIA web master at with your information.





Today the ice on the Trout Lane lower pond finished melting. Both ponds are now ice free.





This morning the Trout Lane upper pond was about 98% covered with ice. By day's end, the pond was ice free. Now that's dramatic. Ironically, last year the ice left the upper pond also on March 16. And thanks to the aeration system at the lower pond, that pond is about 10% to 20% ice free. It will take a bit longer though before it's 100% clear of ice.



What's our weather been like?


Daily highs and lows for the past 7 days.


March 27, morning low 18 ºF, clear
March 26, low 27 ºF, high 54 ºF, max wind gust 20 mph
March 25, low 21 ºF, high 64 ºF, max wind gust 18 mph
March 24, low 21 ºF, high 48 ºF, max wind gust 32 mph, 1" snow
March 23, low 28 ºF, high 59 ºF, max wind gust 44 mph
March 22, low 23 ºF, high 63 ºF, max wind gust 24 mph
March 21, low 26 ºF, high 64 ºF, max wind gust 19 mph


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Pike Trails Scene

Where did the photos on this site come from? Most of the animal photos are from a government public domain photo web site. The rest have been taken by Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Seth Stahlman, Tim Bratten, and Jon Klima.



Feature Photos

Black bear, pic taken on 5-16-14 by a security camera at Bill Jones' place.


8-7-2016 Owl
Photo by Bernie Mann


9-4-15 Rainbow
Photo by Bernie Mann


Moose at Bill & Jane Pate's place. Photo by Bill Pate


Photo provided by Karen Kohn


Mountain Lion , pic taken Nov., 2015 by a security camera at Bill Jones' place.


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