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May 23, 2007

Whew!! Winter is finally over in Pike Trails! It was a doozy. . . similar to those that some of the “long timers” talk about back in the ‘70’s! More on that later. As usual, the landowner name and address for this NEWSLETTER is based on Park Co. Assessor’s data, so if it is not correct, please notify them . Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to put a note on your dues notice w1ienrou pay, so we can update our records right away.


The 2006 Annual Meeting was held August 27, 2006 at Fire Station #3 on County Road 88 near Cougar Lane . 40 members attended, including officers. A new $5000 CD was purchased at a rate of 4.81 per annum for 13 months to complete the repayment of the $10,000 that had been spent to purchase our grader. This CD will expire at the same time as the first $5000 CD (September, 2007), at which time a new long term $10,000 CD will be purchased.

Bill Pate presented a letter written by Larry Kohn (who was unable to be there) suggesting we investigate the possibilities of reorganizing PTRIA under CCIOA, the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act. After much discussion, the members present voted to form a committee of 5 volunteers consisting of Larry Kohn, Bill Pate, Ron Oliver, Serena James, and Martin Sloan (later replaced by Don Rocksted) to investigate all options and make recommendations. The results are attached to this letter, and will be discussed at our August 27 th Annual Meeting.

PTRIA received a $250 donation in memory of Marie Kohn, and the membership voted to purchase Bluebird houses to be erected around Pike Trails Ranches. John Klima and Bruce Mohr volunteered to build and erect these birdhouses, and they were up by the end of October.

20 members turned out for our work day on Monday, Sept. 4 th to repair snow fences, pick up trash, and dig out culverts. A few weeks later, we rebuilt the mailbox supports on CR88 and Deer Lane with new posts and rails. Thanks to all who helped in these projects. (Incidentally, the County snow plow clipped off one of the new posts, so we’ll have to repair that again soon).


As I alluded to earlier, we had a rough winter starting in late December. In addition to heavy snow, the wind blew PTRIA roads completely shut on many occasions. Our usual snow plowing volunteers spent so much time and fuel trying to keep the roads open that the Board decided to reimburse them for some of their fuel expenses. But many times, the snow drifts were over FOUR FEET DEEP, and our plow trucks could not bust through, even chained up on all fours. So Larry LePage and I had to use Wayne Heffelman’s backhoe to clear a path. Before I continue, I want to express my appreciation to Wayne and Pat for letting Larry and I use his backhoe for PTRIA purposes. I do this every year, but last winter, the snow was so deep, we might still be snowed in if it wasn’t for the backhoe. So when you see Wayne & Pat this year, please, please tell them how much we appreciate them! I know several backhoe contractors who plowed other subdivisions at a rate of $100/hour!

This effort did not come without expenses….both for backhoe repair and a few tanks of fuel! There were several days when I plowed Deer/Antelope in the morning, only to find it completely impassable by afternoon.

So after another few hours of removing snow one bucket at a time, I went home, only to be awakened the next morning by many irate phone calls, telling me the roads were closed again! I know all our volunteers incurred expenses for repairs to their vehicles. And after that, many residents complained that they couldn’t get out of their driveways, so I know at least Larry and I plowed many driveways several times, most of the time without compensation. And many calls were from landowners who do not pay dues! Next winter if private driveways require plowing, one or more of our volunteers may be available for a fee. If plowing requires the backhoe (and the backhoe is available), the rate is $50/hour.

Which brings me to the subject of dues. We do not now, nor have we ever provided (at PTRIA expense) winter maintenance on Pike Trails roads! We simply do not get enough landowners to pay dues to afford winter maintenance! Because of the generosity of several landowners with plow trucks, we have managed to keep our roads clear most of the time. I contacted several contractors regarding snow plowing for Pike Trails roads, and the least expensive was $800 per incident, which only applied to snow removal with a plow truck….so if the snow was too deep to plow with a truck, the contract would be null and void!

This harsh winter took its toll on our road base too. So with the money left in our treasury in April, I had 15 loads of gravel brought in to fill some mud holes, which left a balance of – $65.69 as of today! This is not a mis-print! Mary Maxson paid her 2007/2008 dues early to keep checks from bouncing Thanks, Mary! Needless to say, it will take everyone’s generosity to be able to buy enough gravel to sufficiently repair the roads. All this on top of a 30% increase in ¼ road base, and sky-high fuel surcharges for hauling!

Therefore, the Board has decided to suspend buying fish this year to use all available finds for gravel. However, if we could get enough people to donate (over and above their dues) a total of $700, I would put this back on the front burner. I would kick in $100 extra myself if enough people were interested. This might also quiet some of the negative feedback I’ve been getting about fish expenses.

I’d like to remind everyone, especially the “newcomers” to Pike Trails, that PTRIA owns the private roads within Pike Trails Ranches. This 17 miles of deeded roads include 30 feet on each side of the center of the roads. So if you’re putting in a new driveway or fence, keep that in mind. Please let me know of any special needs on ranch roads near your property…we’ll do our best to take care of them. Also, it has been suggested that all “newcomers” receive a copy of the PTRIA By-Laws, so if you don’t have a copy, call me, or better yet, come to the Annual Meeting…we’ll have them there.


The summary is shown below–details are available upon request to Mary Maxson, and also at our annual meeting in August.


Balance (5/31/06)$4,357.14
Dues-(88landowners, Paris Creek Ranch)
Grading (private driveways)50.00
Memorial Donation (Kohn)250.00
Total Income$9,450.00
Newsletter & Postage
Fish (Grass Carp)54.00
Grader Fuel/Supplies1,164.04
Misc. Supplies (Birdhouses, repair mailboxes)395.16
Snowplow fuel500.00
Administration (Taxes, Ins, P0 Box, misc)896.15
Total Expenses$13,872.83
Balance (current as of this letter)-$65.69



Be sure to observe the Fire Dept. burn-ban sign on CR88 approx. ¾ mile up from Hwy 9…if it’s up, the burn-ban is in effect. With all the moisture we’ve had this winter, we could be in for a scary fire season when all the vegetation dries out.


We (Dave Magee, Larry LePage, Dick Hilbert, Jon Klima and I) dragged the ponds last June, removing many weeds. This was only partially successful, so we need to drag it again this summer. Jon Klima was successful in obtaining the solar powered transfer pump to move water from the lower pond to the upper pond, which is still very shallow, while the lower pond has an excess inflow. I don’t know how much this would have cost PTRIA if we had to pay for it, but Jon obtained it as a gift, so we owe him a giant THANK YOU!!! We still need to install it, so if anyone wants to help, holler! Because the upper pond was so shallow, I don’t think any fish survived the winter, so unless we receive enough donations, the upper pond will not have fish….I’m not sure about the lower pond.


Did I mention that our Annual Meeting is August 26th, 2007? This year is an election year, so we need a good turnout. Anyone who would like to throw their name in the hat for a position on the very prestigious and highly paid PTRIA Board of Directors is encouraged to do so, especially those who feel our Association should function differently! Remember…..this is your meeting!!! Mark your calendars….Sunday, August 26 th (the weekend before Labor Day) at 2:00 PM in the Fire Station on Co Rd 88 near Cougar Lane (SPCFPD Station#3). As usual, I’ll put up reminder notices near all the mailboxes in Pike Trails. And I’m sure some folks will bring coffee, pop, and munchies.


Annual dues are still $l00/$25, except for landowners that own more than one parcel. This year, we have still provided a return envelope, but in an effort to contain expenses, no stamp. I hope you understand and agree.

See you in August,
Bernie Mann – President
Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Assoc.
(719) 479-2253

May 25, 2007
CCICOA Investigation Committee
Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Association

Fellow PTRIA Members,

The purpose of the letter is twofold. The first purpose is to provide the general membership of the committee’s findings with respect to establishing a Pike Trails Landowner’s Association under the provisions of the Colorado Common Interest Community Ownership Act (CCICOA). The committee’s charter was to investigate and report findings of merits and issues related to establishing a Landowners’ Association under CCICOA as it may apply to PTRIA. The second purpose of this letter is to advise each of you of several important provisions that everyone should be aware of regarding any future establishment of a Landowner’s Association. The following findings were unanimously agreed upon by the committee:

1. A Landowners’ Association under CCICOA would not appear to be a favorable change for Pike Trails at this time, for various reasons that revolve mainly around our community’s fundamental culture and longstanding traditions of the PTRIA.

2. There is widespread misinterpretation and miscommunication on the subject of CCICOA that is part of this community culture. PTRIA members and all landowners need to be more aware of the provisions of CCICOA in order to make an informed decision on its actual advantages and disadvantages.

3. Pike Trails landowners could benefit more from the eventual establishment of a Landowners Association than under the current PTRIA, but that the members must take an active role in determining the basic nature of any changes that would be needed to improve upon how our community is organized.

The main misunderstanding over CCICOA is that it requires people to accept the sort of rules and restrictions that are typical of suburban communities initially established under its general provisions by large developers. These developments typically follow a standard template that restrict the use of land in a variety of ways, and impose a wide variety of assessments and fines upon its membership. Some such associations are controlled by boards that impose their visions of what the community should be. Nothing could be further from the longstanding traditions of the Pike Trails community, so it is hardly surprising that residents would have a negative reaction over the mention of CCICOA.

The reality is that nothing in CCICOA requires that this “suburban developer’s vision” be incorporated under a Landowner’s Association that might be established for our Pike Trails community. In fact, to establish any such association requires the drafting of all of the provisions under which the community will operate before the members take a vote on whether to accept it or reject it. All that CCICOA does is to provide a legal basis for establishing the association, and provides measures for enforcing whatever provisions its members agree upon. The mandatory elements of CCICOA simply ensure that the rights and responsibilities of its members as well as its board of directors are enforceable. While a number of responsibilities of the board are mandated by law to ensure fair and open management, responsibilities of the members are largely left to the landowners to determine as what is best for the community. Therefore, the members of the association have the ability to limit the authority of the board to matters that are suited to benefiting the community without usurping its traditions, and to restrict its exercise of authority to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Of course, it would take considerable effort to craft exactly how such an association would be established under CCICOA that is beneficial to Pike Trails residents and other owners. However it is also the belief of the committee that there will be a continual increase in pressure to make provisions of any Pike Trails association more enforceable. It would be in the best interests of the current residents and members to consider establishing a landowner’s organization that best coincides with the current interests of all concerned. This may simply involve adherence and some modification to the current by-laws, or the establishment of a new landowner’s association under CCICOA with more limited responsibilities and authority than typical for suburban developments.

Respectively submitted by members of this investigating committee (listed below).
Larry Kohn
Ron Oliver
Serena James
Don Rocksted
Bill Pate

Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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