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May 30, 2008

I think I started out last year’s Newsletter by calling that winter a “doozy”. Well then, this past winter must be a “double doozy”!! But Spring is finally here, and we all hope next winter will be less severe. More on that later. As usual, the landowner address for this NEWSLETTER is based on Park Co. Assessor’s data, so if it is not correct, please notify them.


The 2007 Annual Meeting was held August 26, 2007 at Fire Station #3 on County Road 88 near Cougar Lane. 49 members attended, including officers. I invited Doc McKay, Park Co Commissioner representing our area to address the gathering regarding the proposed 2.5% Park Co Sales Tax increase (which failed in November) and area road conditions. His presentations were well received. Other subjects discussed included our $10,000 CD, Fish & Ponds, PTRIA roads, snow removal, review of PTRIA by-laws, a PTRIA web site (which is now up and running….more on this later), a presentation by Larry Kohn on the findings of the citizens committee investigating CCIOA and it’s applicability to Pike Trails Ranches, and of course, election of officers, results of which follows:

President – Bernie Mann
1 st Vice President – Craig Miller
2 nd Vice President – Ann Erickson
3 rd Vice President – Lauren (Larry) Kohn
Secretary/Treasurer – Mary Maxson

Larry LePage chose not to run again. He has been a valuable asset to the Board, and we will miss him!

We had several work days starting September 1 st , and continuing throughout September into early November, mostly to repair and install new snow fences, but ran out of time. I’ll mention this again at our next meeting, but PLEASE, PLEASE help us with this job! With only 6 or 7 of us, it was simply too much! Call me if you are willing to help, and I’ll put you on our list! Kudos to all who helped on the snow fences…..Craig Miller, Tim Gartland, Sean & Kris Webb, Peggy Larson, Bruce & Vonnie Mohr and Jon Klima.


We had a total of 51 loads of gravel spread in 2007 (about 816 tons), 37 loads of which were in June thru August. Then in March, 2008, I had 31.6 tons of 1½ rock put in a giant mud hole on Antelope Lane where people were getting stuck. Our PTRIA Grader logged in over 62 hours last Spring & Summer, mostly with me at the helm, and Eric Kellogg sometimes over on Elk Lane …thanks Eric! If we were to have this contracted out, it would have cost over $7400.00. Eric and Doug Skellenger have also been helping me with grader maintenance. I’m teaching Jon Klima how to run the grader this Spring….anyone else interested?

As I alluded to earlier, we had a rough winter again starting December 2 nd . In addition to heavy snow, the wind blew PTRIA roads completely shut on many occasions. Larry LePage and I spent many, many days trying to keep the roads open with the backhoe when our plow trucks couldn’t handle the drifts. Volunteer plow trucks were disabled several times throughout the winter. Thanks a bunch to Larry, Barry Anderson, Jon Klima, Peggy Larson, Eric Kellogg, Kerri Thomas, Karl Schulz, Leslie Thomas, Bob Erickson, and anyone else I may have forgotten. Many residents ran low (or completely out) of Propane, and Propane trucks could not get through. Even when we were able to get one lane open with the backhoe, many residents couldn’t get out of their driveways. The new/repaired snow fences helped, but couldn’t contain enough snow to prevent road closures. Dial up the web site…you’ll see photos of buried snow fences, 10 – 12 feet snow banks on the sides of the roads, and the backhoe at work! Speaking of the backhoe, I say this every year, but we are indebted to Wayne & Pat Heffelman for allowing Larry & I to use it for Pike Trails work! Please pass on your appreciation when you see them.

The snow & wind were so bad that Park County declared a county-wide “disaster and snow emergency” on February 11 th. The following are excerpts from the Fairplay Flume:

“Equipment from CDOT and nearby counties was sent to Park County to help an estimated 100 people that were still stranded by impassable roads that keep drifting shut after being plowed. By late Tuesday, search and rescue personnel had brought food or medicine to 17 households via snowmobiles or snowcats. Some people might eventually have to be evacuated because propane deliveries could not be made to their houses. There are approximately 1000 miles of private roads in Park County , many of which have been blocked for several days. Some homeowners associations that have contracted to have their private roads plowed have run out of money this winter, and in many cases, the contractor doesn’t have the equipment necessary to handle the high drifts. Winds have closed roads and trapped citizens & local resources simply cannot keep up with demand.

In Pike Trails, this help came Friday, Feb. 15th in the form of a grader with chains and “wings” that widened PTRIA roads that I had already opened up with the backhoe, but they did not open up several sections of roads that were still closed, including Eagle Dr. and Coyote Dr. Unfortunately, this help did not include private driveways, as it did in other parts of Park County.

Our volunteer “snow-plower’s” equipment took a beating, sometimes requiring major repairs at personal expense, so I don’t blame a couple of them contemplating “quitting” the volunteer plowing business. For those of us who are left, we will have to initiate the following rules for next year: If private driveways require plowing, and volunteers are available, the charge will be $40/hr. If the backhoe is required, and it is available, the charge will be $60/hr. If you can find other “for fee” services, please feel free to hire them. We will continue to do our best to keep the PTRIA roads cleared on a volunteer basis. For the benefit of the “newcomers”, winter maintenance is not included in your dues….we simply do not get enough landowners to pay dues to afford winter maintenance!

I have obtained copies of a brochure published by Park County in March entitled “Reality of Winter Living in Park County” that will be available at our Annual Meeting or by request that is very informative, especially for those who have moved here from an urban environment that may help us prepare for surviving a harsh winter in a rural community such as Guffey.

As you may imagine, the harsh winter took it’s toll on our road base. At a time when we will need even more gravel hauled in to rebuild our roads, the cost of fuel has skyrocketed! I am currently trying to negotiate the best price I can for gravel this summer after our dues start coming in.

Every year in our Newsletter, I write the same thing…. “ I’d like to remind everyone, especially the “newcomers” to Pike Trails, that PTRIA owns the private roads within Pike Trails Ranches. This 17 miles of deeded roads include 30 feet on each side of the center of the roads. So if you’re putting in a new driveway or fence, keep that in mind. Also, please let me know of any special needs on ranch roads near your property…we’ll do our best to take care of them. ” Would you believe I’ve had some residents indicate that they were not paying their dues because I neglected to do something to “their road”??? Give me a chance! At least call me and let me know what you need/want! If we’ve got the money in the Treasury, we’ll do our best to “gitterdone”.


Annual dues will remain the same for the 2008-2009 fiscal year. However, unless we can convince every landowner in Pike Trails to pay their dues, the amount will be raised to $130 or $150 for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. As I mentioned previously, we are in dire need of more snow fence (at least 1150 ft) at a cost of about $1.40/ft including posts ($1600). Last year, we were able to buy most of the gravel at $200 per load for decomposed granite. This year, if fuel does not go up further, we can expect to pay about $250 per load. I would like to hear from every landowner in Pike Trails as to how to proceed….raise the dues?… figure out a way to insure all landowners pay their fair share?…do less road maintenance?……


For those who were at the Annual Meeting last August, you heard the report regarding CCICOA. For the rest of you, here’s a summary of that report: A committee was formed at the 2006 meeting by a vote of the membership to investigate the pros and cons of reorganizing the PTRIA under Colorado Common Interest Community Ownership Act (CCICOA). The committee reported the following as advantages at the 2007 meeting: 1. CCICOA requires the Association to operate under a Colorado law written specifically for managing associations such AS PTRIA, not just corporate law. 2. CCICOA allows the association members to prepare its own Charter that establishes how the association operates and whatever restrictions, if any, that can be placed on landowners, such as payment of dues and restrictions on land use. 3. The charter stipulates responsibilities of both the landowners and the Board of Directors. including preparation and presentation of the annual budget to the members for approval and open disclosure of pertinent association documents. 4. The charter requires approval by a supermajority 2/3 of all the landowners to enact and to amend.

The committee reported the following disadvantages: 1. It would be very difficult to draft a Charter that would meet with approval by 2/3 of the landowners, and possibly to get that many persons to take an interest in voting. 2. A few of the landowners will disagree with anything that is passed, and others be upset if nothing is passed, creating dissent ion in the community. 3. Whatever the form of penalties that may be provided for by the Charter, if any, it will be incumbent on the Board to enforce the provisions of the Charter — few are likely willing to take on this responsibility.

Overall the committee recommended not taking measures to adopt the provisions of CCICOA in managing PTRIA at the present time. It also recognized that the membership must institute some form of legal provisions in the foreseeable future to enforce the provisions of the PTRIA bylaws stipulating that all owners who use PTRIA roads and ponds are responsible for paying their fair share of their maintenance expenses .


The summary is shown below–details are available upon request to Mary Maxson, and also at our annual meeting in August.


Balance (5/31/07)$ 134.29
Dues-(103 landowners, Paris Creek Ranch)
(includes $75 from '06-07)
Extra Donations – General2,200.00
Extra Donation – Web site47.70
Extra Donations – Pond Maintenance1,310.00
Extra Donations – Fish450.00
Grading/Backhoe (private roads & driveways)1,030.00
Total Income$15,262.70
Newsletter & Postage
$ 241.25
Pond Maintenance1,278.94
Grader/Backhoe Fuel/SuppliesMisc. Supplies (Birdhouses, repair mailboxes)2,058.34
Misc. Supplies (snow fence, etc.)290.83
Administration (Taxes, Ins, P0 Box, misc)962.45
Total Expenses$14,026.69
Balance (current as of this letter)$1,370.30


PTRIA Web Site

Have you seen the new PTRIA web site Jon Klima designed? It’s called PIKETRAILS.ORG and is full of news and photos of what’s going on in Pike Trails, including Weather, Roads, Snow, Energy Tips, Ponds, even a copy of this Newsletter! Plus an email address for the “webmaster” to express your appreciation for his work! Dial it up….I know you’ll like it!


Newcomers to Pike Trails Ranches include James & Cheryl Moehle and Richard Horne, both on Deer Lane, Bruce and Marsha Jackson on Elk Lane, Anthony Canavino on Badger Lane, and Walter & Carla Anschuetz on Coyote Drive. Tim & Lynn Gartland moved to Canon City ….They were both active in PTRIA, and we will miss them. You may have seen the 4-Sale sign on parcels 91 & 92 (CR88 & Deer Lane)….Frank & Caroline Miller have owned this land since the early 70’s….well, Frank died recently, so Caroline is selling the property. Frank was also a big PTRIA supporter and we’ll miss him.

Dan Maxson died suddenly at his home last week. He and Mary were not only my neighbors, but best friends. Please keep Mary in your thoughts and prayers as she copes with her loss.


The Fish are here as of May 12th! As you can see from the photos on the PTRIA Web site, 200 pounds of 9-14 inch Rainbow Trout (close to 400 fish) were stocked in both the upper and lower ponds on Trout (where else!) Lane. Thanks to the donations from several landowners, over and above their annual dues, we only had to use $470 of our “General Fund” to purchase them! In case you didn’t know, these PTRIA owned Ponds are open to fishing (without a license) to all dues-paying Pike Trails Ranches landowners and their guests. Please be considerate when catching fish….in other words, “catch & release” is encouraged so that everyone can enjoy this activity, but it’s OK to keep a few for supper! This Spring, due to the huge snowpack we had this past winter, both ponds are over- flowing with water, so the Rainbows should love it! We also had a new Pond Rake (AKA Lake Rake) donated to PTRIA by Dave Tilton, so Jon Klima and I have cleared most of the weeds from the surface of the lower pond with this rake, making this pond much more “fishable”. Also, many landowners have donated money totaling $1,310.00 to purchase “bene-ficial microbes”, which consume excess nutrients and reduces waste and sludge in the ponds (like Algae and many pond weeds), which will be added within the next few weeks when the water temperature is right. These microbes are not harmful to the fish, the environment, nor do they affect the potability of the water.


Remember……this is your meeting!!! Mark your calendars….Sunday, August 24 th (the weekend before Labor Day) at 2:00 PM in the Fire Station on Co Rd 88 near Cougar Lane (SPCFPD Station#3). As usual, I’ll put up reminder notices near all the mailboxes in Pike Trails. And I’m sure some folks will bring coffee, pop, and munchies. Folks, as noted previously in this newsletter, 49 landowners attended last years Annual Meeting. And when you consider that 16 of those were spouses or guests, that makes 33 out of 148 landowners who care enough about where they live to give up a few hours of their time to express their views about how PTRIA should function! Is this apathy, or what? I especially encourage new residents to come and meet their neighbors.


Annual dues are still $100/$25, except for landowners that own more than one parcel. This year, we have still provided a return envelope, but in an effort to contain expenses, no stamp. This was well received last year, so we’ll try it again. You’ll notice that we’ve added a place on the dues receipt to add your email address… this is to allow us the ability to send your Newsletter electronically if you prefer, and to inform you of important issues that may occur between Newsletter mailings. I promise we’ll keep this confidential!

See you in August, Bernie Mann – President
Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Assoc.
(719) 479-2253

PS — I forgot to acknowledge Robert Curtis for all the work he does in helping maintain Chipmunk Circle…..Thanks, Robert!

Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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