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May 28, 2010

I think Spring has finally sprung! We have had a cold May with several days of snow, one I measured at almost 6 inches. According to Jon Klima, that brings the total for the winter to 86.75 inches! This is well above our average, which is about 56 inches. The good news….it should be great for Spring wildflowers…..if it ever warms up enough! Most of the snow in April and May has melted quickly, so I haven’t had to use the plow truck since March. Plus, there wasn’t much wind, so there was very little drifting. The roads stayed in pretty good shape until the end of April when we had some very wet snow. This occurred right after I graded most of the Pike Trails roads! Bummer! More ruts! So I think I’ll wait a few more weeks before resuming grading.

As usual, the landowner address for this Newsletter is based on Park Co. Assessor’s data as of May 18th, so if it is not correct, please notify them .

2009 ANNUAL MEETING – The 2009 Annual Meeting was held August 30th at Fire Station #3 on County Road 88 near Cougar Lane. 43 members attended, including officers, representing 24 properties. The issue of the Elk Lane/Hawk Lane intersection was brought up….it’s kinda dangerous because of limited sight distance. It was decided to put up “Dangerous Intersection” signs on Elk Lane approaching from both the north and the south. I purchased these signs immediately (as well as a replacement sign for Deer/Antelope), and Bill Pate headed a crew to put them up on our Work Day the following weekend. By-law revisions were presented and reviewed by the membership and are available on-line on piketrails.org, or in hard copy by request to any Board member.

Elections for the PTRIA Board of Directors were held with the following results:

President – Bernie Mann

Secretary/Treasurer – Mary Maxson

First Vice President – Jon Klima

Second Vice President – Ann Erickson

Third Vice President – Don Rocksted

Each will serve a Two year term.

PTRIA WEBSITE – Have you visited our PIKETRAILS.ORG website? It is nothing short of fantastic thanks to Jon Klima! I’ve surfed other websites that are rarely updated and contain “old news”. Jon updates this baby daily! Folks can see Pike Trails weather almost REAL TIME! Jon encourages everyone in Pike Trails to contribute photos, news, temperatures, and especially snowfall amounts to the website, because as strange as it may seem, precipitation varies greatly throughout the “ranch”. Plus, if you don’t check frequently, you’ll miss out on important events, such as when the pond was stocked with trout.

TREASURERS REPORT – The summary is shown below–details are available upon request to Mary Maxson, and also at our annual meeting in August.


Balance (5/19/00)$1,057.45
Dues-(96 landowners, Paris Creek Ranch)
Extra Donations – General850.00
Extra Donation – Fish250.00
Grading/Backhoe (private roads & driveways)500.00
Total Income$13,643.92
Grader/Backhoe Fuel/Supplies1,191.40
Snow Fence & T-Posts485.45
Administration (Taxes, Ins, P0 Box, misc)1,001.79
Total Expenses$9,248.64
Balance as of 5/23/10$5,452.73


WORK DAY – Sixteen people turned out for Work Day on September 5th, plus several others brought doughnuts and other goodies. We purchased 10 rolls of new snow fence at $45/roll from Murdoch’s in Salida, and I drove over Friday so we could have it for Saturday’s work day. Some folks picked up trash while others repaired existing snow fence, erected the new snow fence and put up the new traffic signs. Everyone worked hard, and we were done by 1:00 pm. Thanks to all the following volunteers: Bruce & Vonnie Mohr, Bill Harper and his son-in-law & grandson, Doug & Ken Kolster (sp?), Sean & Kris Webb and daughter Cheyenne , Jon Klima, Gerry Johnson, Bill & Jane Pate, Seth Stahlman, Dean Piele, Don Rocksted, Bernie & Diane Mann. Plus, Peg Larson picked up some trash the previous week and Dick Hilbert mowed around the Fire Station and Trout Lane . And thanks to Doris Schoepf, Marlene Johnson, Ellen Kremkus, and Diane Mann for muffins, doughnuts, coffee, etc.

FISH/PONDS – The Ponds are full of water, but the lower pond is full of weeds and algae, so when we stocked fish on April 30 th , we put them all in the upper pond. The good news is that we purchased 230 lbs again, but these trout averaged over 2 lbs each!! See piketrails.org for a testimonial of someone who has already been fishing this year and caught some whoppers! There may be some left in the lower pond that survived the winter also. Jon Klima and I helped Crowthers (out of LaHara) put the trout in the water, with Peg Larson and Bruce & Vonnie Mohr watching, and I can tell you, there are many that exceed 16 inches! Remember, these PTRIA owned Ponds are open to fishing (without a license) to all dues-paying Pike Trails Ranches landowners and their guests. Please be considerate when catching fish….in other words, “catch & release” is encouraged so that everyone can enjoy this activity, but it’s OK to keep a few for supper! And remember to help keep these pond areas clean by picking up your trash and “packing it out”.

PTRIA ROADS – Our roads stayed in pretty good shape, thanks in part to the snow coming in cups rather than buckets! And our volunteer snow plowers (Larry LePage, Barry Anderson, Jon Klima, Peggy Larson, Eric Kellogg, Don Rocksted, Leslie Thomas, Bob Erickson and me….hope I didn’t miss anyone) promptly plowed the roads before it melted, creating ruts. For the benefit of the “newcomers”, winter maintenance is not included in your dues….we simply do not get enough landowners to pay dues to afford winter maintenance! But there are some of us volunteers who may be available to plow private driveways at a suggested charge of $40/hr (this could vary. We will continue to do our best to keep the PTRIA roads cleared on a volunteer basis. Our PTRIA Grader is in great shape, requiring only preventive maintenance and fuel last season. FYI….grading private driveways is available for dues paying members at a rate of $60/hr. I’m looking for volunteers to operate the grader to grade Pike Trails roads…please give me a call if you’re interested.

Every year in our Newsletter, I write the same thing…. “ I’d like to remind everyone, especially the “newcomers” to Pike Trails, that PTRIA owns the private roads within Pike Trails Ranches. These 17 miles of deeded roads includes 30 feet on each side of the center of the roads. So if you’re putting up a new fence, please keep it back 30 feet from the center of the road. As for grading and graveling, please let me know if there are spots that need attention. Just a call to give me a heads up and if we’ve got the money in the Treasury, we’ll do our best to take care of it. During August & September last year, we had 25 loads of gravel spread (about 400 tons) at $240/load for a total cost of $6000. We plan on doing at least that much (probably more) this year as soon as the dues start coming in.

ANNUAL DUES – Dues will remain the same as last year, and are assessed as follows:

Single lot with driveway on PTRIA road $125.00

Single lot with driveway off of CR 88 or Hwy 9 $50.00

Second (or more) unimproved lot (each) $50.00

Second lot with home on PTRIA road $125.00

For your information, there were 96 PTRIA landowners (plus Paris Creek Ranch) who paid their dues last year out of a total of 150 landowners (68%). If you can’t afford the dues, please let me know…at least I’ll know you care. As in the past, we have provided a return envelope, but in an effort to contain expenses, no stamp. This was well received the last couple of years, so we’ll try it again. Many thanks to all of you who have paid extra….it helps make up for those that don’t pay.

MISC. – I know we have “No Hunting” signs posted in Pike Trails, but last year some hunters obtained permission from a landowner to bag a buck on his private property. Colorado State Law allows landowners to hunt on their own property (in season and with a valid license, of course) or to give permission to someone to hunt on their property, but folks, this is not a good idea! Not only are these Deer and Elk a pleasure to see and admire on our property, they have become almost “pets” to some. But even more importantly, there is an inherent danger of shooting a high powered rifle at big game in an area like Pike Trails with so many homes, children, horses and other critters that could be in harm’s way. Personally, I enjoy going out into Pike Natl. Forest to Deer and Elk hunt….but I would never consider shooting one on my own property! It would be like shooting Hobbit’s (my dog) friend.

Also, please be aware of the signage on CR88 as you enter Pike Trails regarding fire danger. When there is high fire danger, the sign will reflect a total “burn ban”, which means no open fires. Also, if you are thinking about burning a brush pile, be aware that a “burn permit” is required from Chief Gene Stanley.

2010 ANNUAL MEETING – I’m going to get on my soapbox for a minute…. Most of us feel that our elected officials are not acting in our best interests. As I mentioned previously, 43 people attended last years annual meeting, representing 24 properties out of 150. This is pathetic! Folks, this is where you live! Do you care about where you live? You have elected us Board members to act in your behalf. We have no agenda other than what you want us to do. Come to the meeting and express your opinion. If it’s supported by the majority of the property owners, it’s a done deal!!! I keep telling myself that the reason why so few people attend is because we’re doing a good job, and that there are no complaints….like the Republicans and the Democrats….(that’s a joke, folks). I’ve even toyed with the idea of having a pig roast at our annual meeting so see if food would bring out more landowners. And you landowners who don’t live here full time…..why don’t you plan a vacation to Pike Trails this year around August 29 th ?

So mark your calendars…. Sunday, August 29 th (the weekend before Labor Day) at 2:00 PM in the Fire Station on Co Rd 88 near Cougar Lane (SPCFPD Station#3). As usual, I’ll put up reminder notices near all the mailboxes in Pike Trails. And I’m sure some folks will bring coffee, pop, and munchies. I especially encourage new residents to come and meet their neighbors.

See you in August,

Bernie Mann – President

Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Assoc.

(719) 479-2253

Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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