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May 31, 2013

2012 ANNUAL MEETING – The August annual meeting was held at Station #3 on Sunday the 26 th. Forty-three persons signed in representing 31 properties. Former Fire Chief Don Felton did a 20 minute presentation on fire abatement, stressing the importance of having a clearly readable reflective house number and clearing a 30 foot perimeter of leaves and debris from around all buildings. (Unfortunately, Don passed suddenly while on the job in late October.)

Mary Maxson, Secretary/Treasurer of PTRIA for 9 years, announced that she would be living in Canon City full time and was retiring. We are so grateful for her dedicated service. Mary received a big round of applause. Board member Kathy Mikesell continued to work out of state and also resigned. Bernie Mann was appointed by the Board to fill in her place until the August elections. Also, Jon Klima is current Treasurer with Nancy Harper serving as Secretary. All positions are open for election, so please consider running! The members attending were open to changing the Annual Meeting to Saturday, thereby eliminating conflicts with church schedules. Hopefully more can attend!

TREASURER’S REPORT – Summary shown below. Details are available upon request to Jon Klima and also at the annual meeting in August.

Balance as of 8-26-12 was $13,262.50.

2012-2013 dues were paid by 90 of the 149 owners for a total of $13,186.75. Thanks to all who have contributed, especially above and beyond requested dues!

PTRIA ROADS – The roads again stayed in fairly good shape over the winter due to little snow. This will also help our budget with less gravel being required this year! The few times plowing was required, our volunteer force of Larry LePage, Barry Anderson, Jon Klima, Peggy Larson, Eric Kellogg, Don Rocksted, Leslie Thomas, Bob Erickson, Bernie Mann and myself were able to take care of it. As you are aware, winter plowing is not included in your dues, we simply do not get enough participation to afford formal winter maintenance!

In 2012 PTRIA purchased 31 loads of gravel, bought and erected 400 feet of snow fence on Antelope and Chipmunk Dr. We repaired and reused 150 of snow fence on Coyote Ln. With the kind permission of Lionel Goncalaves, we were able to make a drainage ditch to better drain the low spot on Coyote Ln. Our grader had a shifter linkage fabricated and installed. Four new and two used tires were mounted on the grader this spring and should last for several years. Faithful Bernie Mann will be grading again this year, as V.P. Dick Horne is currently hospitalized and temporarily unable to do this labor of love. As always, let me know if any repairs become necessary!

PTRIA WEBSITE – Jon Klima continues to daily update PIKETRAILS.ORG. He took great pictures of the excavation of the fish ponds. Use it to check local road conditions when visiting year round! You will also find out what is happening of general interest.

FISH PONDS – After a year of effort and the help of contractor Paul King, we were able to re-dig the upper pond and part of the lower ponds back to their original ten foot depth. This will better enable the fish to winter over, reducing the number of fish to re-stock in the future. The lower pond was re-stocked with 70 9-11” size fish and 50 # of 14-16” fish. Hold the thought of abundant moisture to rapidly refill the upper pond! They are a great place to bring your grandkids with no fishing license required! Please-dues paying members only, catch and release.

GENERAL – It has been brought to my attention that some of our PTRIA lots have accumulated a number of broken and trashed vehicles, along with piles of other debris. The PTRIA Board does not have jurisdiction over this, Park County does. So you can call 719-836-4267 to ask for a Park County Code Enforcement form. Once it has been filled out and sent back, it will be reviewed and a determination made about sending a county inspector. I can help provide addresses, lot numbers or schedule numbers if needed. Folks, let’s all keep Pike Trails orderly and cleaned up! It will help to attract new landowners to enjoy and enrich our beautiful area of Colorado .

The Board hopes for increased participation in the payment of dues this year. For those of us who live here full-time or come to visit regularly – remember that no government agency pays a dime for our 17 miles of private roads and upkeep. All materials – gravel and spreading, culverts, T posts, signs and snow fencing come out of dues exclusively. All labor is performed free by generous volunteers who see the big picture of helping our neighbors. Those of you who have invested in lots, please take note that perspective buyers as well as sheriff, fire and ambulance services all need to have the roads in good condition! Thanks for your support!

2013 ANNUAL MEETING – Will be held this year on SATURDAY 8-24 at 2pm. at Fire Station #3 on Co. Rd. 88 near Cougar Ln.

See you in August!

Bill Harper, President

Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Assoc.


e mail Grandharps@Yahoo.com

ANNUAL DUES – Dues remain the same as last year, and are assessed as follows:

Single lot with driveway or access on PTRIA road $125.00

Single lot with driveway or access off of CR 88 or Hwy 9 $ 50.00

Second (or more) unimproved lot (each) $ 50.00

Second lot with home on PTRIA road $125.00

Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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