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2015 Newsletter



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Dear Folks,

2014 ANNUAL MEETING The meeting was held on a Saturday to help improve PTRIA attendance of homeowners who attend church on Sunday. Resident Ken Thomas is the new Fire Board Chairman and spoke about checking your property taxes to insure that you are included in automatic fire protection. If you do not see a line entry for Fire District taxes, the local department will respond to your emergencies but charge on a per man, per unit basis. He also spoke about continuing efforts on burning homeowner brush piles with attending fire department personnel and engines on site. In fact later that fall, seven of our homeowners did participate in this great program of making our homes and community safer. Contact Chief Mandel at 719-689-9479 to participate this year. Following the meeting we had our first annual picnic and members decided to do the same this year. A good time was had by all!

TREASURER’S REPORT Jon Klima reported that the July 2014 balance was $17,175. He went on to explain the budget planning and implementation process. He thanked and spoke of our gratitude for some members paying above and beyond their dues and how it really does help fill in the gap for those who can’t or won’t pay.

ROADS Our Winter and Spring abundant snow and rain have made for wet and slushy roads. Bernie Mann and Dave Tilton are sharing grading responsibilities. We are adding heavier rocks to the especially wet areas earlier this year to keep the roads less muddy. Let me know of any problem areas so that we can do timely repairs. We are negotiating with Century Link engineers to locate and possibly move some of the underground cables to improve side drainage ditches without disrupting phone service. So if you see any of the little red flags near the road please leave them in. Plus it is illegal to remove them, even if they are at the end of your driveway-which is still Association right of way! These flags are to locate the underground phone cables so we do not disturb them when grading! We have discovered the original installation of the lines sometimes went thru driveway culverts. Our goal is to help provide 911 emergency contact and good roads for emergency access to your property. But remember, emergency volunteers need night-readable house numbers to locate you when needed!

WEB SITE We again want to thank Jon Klima for his daily updates on Piketrails.org. It is a great source for our local activities as well as current road conditions when planning travels to the Guffey area. Different topics include weather, roads, ponds, annual meeting minutes and past newsletters.

PONDS This spring we again shared transportation cost of stocking Rainbow fish with Old Kathleen development. We stocked 200 9”-11” Rainbows and 60 pounds of 14”-16” trophy Rainbows. Half were put into each pond. Remember, these ponds are for catch and release, unless the fish obviously won’t survive if put back. But if you want one or two for supper then enjoy! Fishing is allowed without a state license since it is on our private land. It is available for dues paying members and their guests only.

GENERAL The exceptionally wet and snowy Spring knocked out both power and phones several times. This means that some of our more elderly or frail neighbors may require help with no way to reach out for it. So if you know of any such individuals, kindly do a wellness check on them. You never know, the next time it may be you who requires help!

We have three new soon-to-be residents who are building their retirement dream homes with us. They include Tim & Laurie Bratten on Doe; Mike & Kay Hawthorne on Bear; Kelly & Carol Keyes on Antelope.

So if you see them around, give them a warm western greeting and introduce yourself!

ANNUAL MEETING 2015 – Will be held on SATURDAY August 22 nd at 11am. At Fire Station 3, near County Road 88 and Cougar Ln. As last year PTRIA will provide coffee, water, meat and bread. This is our election year. We need new people and fresh ideas! Please bring a dish to pass, your selves, good humor and a neighbor!


Bill Harper, PTRIA President

719 479-4142


ANNUAL DUES – Dues remain the same as previous years and are assessed as follows:

Single lot with driveway or access on PTRIA road $125.00

Single lot with driveway or access on CR88 or CO9 $ 50.00

Second (or more) unimproved lot (each) additional $ 50.00

Second lot with home on PTRIA road additional $125.00

Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Association PO BOX 45 Guffey, CO 80820

Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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