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2017 Newsletter


PTRIA – PO BOX 45 – GUFFEY, CO 80820

Hi Folks,

I’m starting this newsletter on May 22 nd , and just so you know, I woke up this morning to 2 inches of SNOW…..again! This has been a weird Spring, with unusually warm temperatures in March and early April, followed by cold and snow since then! Not enough snow to warrant plowing our roads, but an inch or more at a time. While we appreciate the moisture, it sure would be nice to get back to the beautiful Spring weather that is customary for us this time of year! Right on schedule, we had Hummingbirds at our house on May 1 st , and they have been freezing their little fannies off ever since! So far, they seem to be surviving….

This year is an election year, so if you’d like to take a turn on the PTRIA Board, please throw your hat in the ring. Currently, the Board members are as follows:

President – Bernie Mann

1 St Vice President – Bob Erickson

2 nd Vice President – Sally Peterson

Treasurer – Jon Klima

Secretary – Laurie Bratten

In case you missed the 2016 Annual Meeting on August 27th, Laurie’s complete minutes are posted on our website, PIKETRAILS.ORG. And if you were not there, I’ll tell you, you missed some really tasty fried chicken that I ordered and picked up Saturday morning from City Market in Canon City (courtesy of PTRIA), plus lots of delicious side dishes brought by many of the attendees. We plan on doing this again this year on August 26 th , so mark your calendars!

As usual, the landowner address for this Newsletter is based on Park Co. Assessor’s data as of May 25th, so if it is not correct, please notify them (cc: me too, please).

TREASURERS REPORT – We have $13,350.00 in our Treasury as of 5/22/17. Details are available upon request to Jon Klima and at our annual meeting in August. This does not include the $13,946 in our CD. We had 94 landowners pay dues so far during our fiscal year of 6/1/2016 thru 5/31/2017 in the amount of $13,522.00 Thanks to all of you who have helped make Pike Trails a better place to live.

FISH/PONDS – Both Trout Lane ponds are full and overflowing, thanks to all the moisture from a year ago. Jon is working to obtain equipment necessary to install a solar operated aerator system in the upper pond, similar to the one in the lower pond. Last fall, I drove to Salida with Jon to purchase a 235 watt PV panel (at great savings thanks to Jon). Mark Norman and Bill & Robin Jones have been instrumental in providing other necessary equipment to complete the project. We should have this up and running within a few weeks.

Jon and I made arrangements for stocking both ponds on 3/29/17 with approximately 100 in each pond. Both ponds have lots of fish that survived the winter, including at least one really nice Golden Trout in the lower pond….look for it….he’s really visible! As I mentioned last year, a member reported going down to fish, and found several bobbers floating in the upper pond with lines attached to stakes in the ground, but no one was around. He pulled in the lines, one of which had a fish on it…..no telling how long it had been there. This practice is un-sportsman-like and really TACKY. Plus, someone used the parking area at the upper pond AS AN OUTHOUSE, complete with TOILET PAPER!! REALLY???? Remember, these PTRIA owned ponds are open to fishing (without a license) to all dues-paying Pike Trails landowners and their guests. Please be considerate when catching fish….in other words, “catch & release” is encouraged so that everyone can enjoy this activity, but it’s OK to keep a few for supper! And you can help keep these pond areas clean by picking up your trash (or whatever) and “packing it out”.

PTRIA WEBSITE – Have you visited our PIKETRAILS.ORG  website recently? It is nothing short of fantastic thanks to Jon Klima! I’ve surfed other websites that are rarely updated and contain “old news”. Jon updates this baby daily! Folks can see Pike Trails weather almost REAL TIME! Jon encourages everyone in Pike Trails to contribute photos, news, temperatures, and especially snowfall amounts to the website, because as strange as it may seem, precipitation varies greatly throughout the “ranch”. And there’s even a “Classified” section where dues paying members can list items for sale! Plus, if you don’t check frequently, you’ll miss out on important events, such as when the pond was stocked with trout (more on that later).

PTRIA ROADS – Our roads stayed in pretty good shape over the winter, mostly due to our moderate snowfall accumulation of 45 inches, and the prompt action of our volunteer snow plowers. We appreciate these volunteers – Larry LePage, Barry Anderson, Jon Klima, Eric Kellogg, Leslie Thomas, Bob Erickson and me…..(please holler if I missed anyone). For the benefit of the “newcomers”, winter maintenance is not included in your dues….we simply do not get enough dues-paying landowners to afford to sub-contract winter maintenance! There are some of us volunteers who may be available to plow private driveways. We will continue to do our best to keep the PTRIA roads cleared on a volunteer basis. FYI, last year we spread 31 loads (approximately 15 tons per load) of gravel on our roads. Please let me know if there are spots that need attention. Just a call to give me a heads up and if we still have some money in the Treasury, we’ll do our best to take care of it.

I’d like to remind everyone that PTRIA owns the private roads within Pike Trails Ranches. These 17 miles of deeded roads include 30 feet on each side of the center of the roads. So if you’re putting up a new fence, please keep it back 30 feet from the center of the road. Also, we have several driveways that really should have culverts under them as they enter Pike Trails roads. Without them, erosion occurs across our roads. These culverts are your responsibility. At least a 12 inch diameter culvert is required, and depending on the run-off, maybe even a 16 inch.

“TAZ”, our PTRIA grader is running good, and the brake problems are mostly resolved. They still need bleeding, but the “bleeder screws” are hopelessly frozen. After a couple of “pumps” though, they stop our behemoth just fine!

Speaking of roads, CR88 has been a mess for several years, with large rocks protruding in many places. I had written several letters to Park County, all of which were ignored. So last fall, I sent out an email to everyone that I had email addresses for, asking them to call or write to Park County Road & Bridge to see if we could get some action. I also drove up to Fairplay to personally meet with interim R&B Director Denny Gibson. Well, guess what? The squeaky wheel does, in fact, get the grease! In January, work began on CR88 to remove and/or grind up the large rocks, put in new culverts, and improve the ditches. Plans are to grade and add 5 inches of road base plus top it off with magnesium chloride for compaction. Although as of this writing, this project is only half-done, I have been promised that work will resume shortly. Thanks to all of you who contacted Park County….I know for sure it was the catalyst for making this happen!

ANNUAL DUES – We’ve managed to keep our Dues as shown below since 2009. If everyone chips in, we can maintain these rates for the foreseeable future.

Single lot with driveway on PTRIA road $125.00

Single lot with driveway off of CR 88 or Hwy 9 $50.00

Second (or more) unimproved lot (each) $50.00

Second lot with home on PTRIA road $125.00

If you can’t afford to pay the dues, please let me know…at least I’ll know you care. As in the past, we have provided a return envelope. Many thanks to all of you who have paid extra….it helps make up for those that don’t pay.

MISC. – Plans are still in place to replace the temporary cell tower on 31 Mile Mountain with a permanent tower…..hopefully this summer….. maybe the rest of us will then have “line of sight” for internet service.

WORK DAY– A work day was held last September 10 th . Thanks to all who helped mend existing snow fences and erect new ones on Antelope Lane and Doe Drive as well as those who re-lettered street signs and picked up trash along CR88. Also, thanks to Tim Bratten for helping me replace posts for “street signs” on Elk Lane and Cougar Lane…..he’s a gorilla with the post hole digger!!!

2016 ANNUAL MEETING – Remember……this is your meeting!!! It’s your chance to put in your 2 cents about things you would like to see done (or done differently) where you live. Even if you haven’t paid your dues, you can still be heard! Mark your calendars…. Saturday, August 26 th (the weekend before Labor Day). Meeting at 11:00 AM , chow to follow!!! Fire Station on Co Rd 88 near Cougar Lane (SPCFPD Station#3). As usual, I’ll put up reminder notices near all the mailboxes in Pike Trails. I especially encourage new residents to come and meet their neighbors.

See you in August,

Bernie Mann – President

Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Assoc.

(719) 479-2253

email – berndmann1@peoplepc.com

Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Association PO Box 45 Guffey, CO 80820

Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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