Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Association (PTRIA)


Fishing in the upper and lower ponds on Trout Lane is open to dues paying Pike Trails property owners and their guests. When the Association has sufficient funds, the ponds are usually stocked with catchable trout in the spring. We urge those who are fishing to release their catch back into the ponds unless it is obvious the fish will not survive.


PTRIA Ponds are open to fishing (without a license) to all dues-paying Pike Trails Ranches landowners and their guests.


Fish & Ponds News



The Trout Lane Upper and Lower Ponds were stocked this afternoon with 160 pounds of catchable size Rainbow Trout (80 pounds in each pond).  Happy fishing.



As of today, the ice has melted in the lower pond and it’s ready for fishing.  Our order for fish has been placed but no delivery date has yet been received.



We put the new Trout Lane upper pond solar aeration system into operation on 6-10-2017. We’ve placed two air stones in the pond, one near the middle and the other about 50 feet from the NW corner. When the sun is shining on the solar panel you will see the two air columns bubbling up to the pond’s surface. This air will oxygenate the water which, in turn, will help to keep the water clear, the weeds down, and provide the much needed oxygen for the fish during the winter when the pond is iced over.

I’d like to thank Bill and Robin Jones, Ken Thomas, Bernie Mann, Bill Pate, Tim Bratten, and Mark Norman for helping me build and place this system into operation.

Jon Klima


After totally freezing over on January 16 (it was down to -23 ºF at the ponds that morning), the pond aeration systems continued to pump air into the pond waters.  Then on February 1, the water opened up above the upper pond aerators.  The same happened at the lower pond on February 3.  The lower two pics were taken on February 7, 2018.

Lower Pond on 1-1-2018

Upper Pond on 1-1-2018

Lower Pond on 2-7-2018

Upper Pond on 2-7-2018



Thanks to Diane and Bernie Mann, Craig Miller, Frank Hole, Tim Bratten, Jon Klima, Bill Jones, Karen Kohn, and Bill Pate for sending us their photos for use on this website.



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