2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

Sept 3, 2022

Meeting was called to order by President Terry Johnson with a pledge of allegiance.

Board Present: Terry Johnson- President, Mike Bandera-Vice President, Jon Klima- Treasurer, Cindy Chew- Secretary

New Business:

Our Fire Chief, Red, started the meeting. Please make sure that you have your green address sign so the Fire Dept can find you. You can get number signs at the Guffey Fire Station (9-5) @ $15, for a 1 sided sign, $20 for a 2 sided sign, it is usually a quick process. Snow clearance is an issue- please make sure that you are plowed out in case you need the Fire Dept services.  Fire mitigation is also important to do- The Fire Dept has info if you are interested. Dick’s Peak has a lot of dead trees & we have had lightning so fire danger is high. Please be careful with any fires you have. Please do still call 911 with any fire sightings or smoke. You can also call Fire Dept if there is an accident with wildlife.

The Park County Road person to call about CR88 is Brittany@719-836-4201 or The more calls they get-the more they pay attention to it.

Jon passed out treasurer’s report to members. For the 2021-2022 fiscal year we had a record number of 108 people that paid dues-which is great! We also had a few special donations for gravel, fish, etc. Total income is $28850.87.  Total expenditures for the 2021-2022 fiscal year were $17653.74.  PTRIA has spent $14947.65 on road repair this yr, $939 on ponds, $59.61 on snow fencing. We have a $6,093.13 carryover of unspent funds from last year. We had a first & 2nd motion to approve treasury report.

We added some more spots for a few new mailboxes for some new people moving in.

Terry talked about road drainage & work that needs to be done.

We will be doing a pond work day on Sept 17 & 18, working volunteers are needed-please contact Nadine Butz @ 610-704-6815 at for work or snacks & water.

We have some issues with ponds. We need to assess the ponds so we can keep them for fire use. The new snorkels go deeper than the old hoses. Terry will be contacting the Fire Chief on this matter.

One of the members brought up a road issue at the end of Stream Drive, which the road volunteers will be addressing.

We will have a work day for snow fencing on Sept 10, 9am at the Pike Trails Fire Station.

Damian & Johanna Sigman have a donation of T posts & snow fencing, also some round gravel for the pond area.

Nadine Butz suggested of a potluck get-together for Father’s Day at the Ponds next year, June 17, Saturday, 11-3pm, come & go as you please!

Mountain Festival at Erics home on Elk next weekend, Sept 9-10-11.

Next year’s meeting will be Labor Day, Sept 2, 2022 @11am at the Pike Trails fire station.

We had a motion by Dick Morris to adjourn the meeting with a 2nd by Bill Jones. All approved to end the meeting & begin the potluck.

Submitted by Cindy Chew, Secretary, PTRIA

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