4-22-2022 BOD Meeting Minutes

PTRIA Board Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2022 (transcribed and paraphrased from voice recorder)


Terry Johnson                          President

Mike Bandera                          Vice President

George Purnell                        2nd Vice President

Jon Klima                                  Treasure

Bill Jones                                   Guest/Information Input Person

Nadine Leibensperger-Butz   Designated Pond Maintenance/Event Organizer… Person

Meeting was brought to order and discussion was held on using a voice recorder and transcribing the minutes for Cindy Chew (Recording Secretary) since she was unable to attend. It was agreed that would work. Meeting was recorded on Terry J.’s Phone and later transcribed. (And Paraphrased)

Minutes from the last board meeting held on 11/7/21 were read and approved as read.

Point of discussion on Amy Mason’s desire to remove Lot #182 from the Pike Trails Ranches Subdivision for the purpose of annexing this lot to adjacent property which she also owns was held. Concerns about changing the perimeter and footprint of the subdivision, cost of a new plat and surveying, the “snowball effect” of others wanting to do the same and a lack of understanding of the reasoning for this action forced the issue to be tabled and Terry J. has agreed to speak to Amy about this for clarification/information.

Point of discussion on Ponds and Fish was held. Nadine Leibensperger-Butz has stepped up to help us with our ponds and fish. Due to increased costs of the fish the board members polled have agreed that we would get the 8”-11” fish and not the larger fish to help keep us close to our budgeted value. Nadine has suggested a “Get to know your Neighbors” type of event be put together and has volunteered to organize the event. George P. offered to help out with the planning and they were given a green light and asked to get the specifics together so that we could get them in the newsletter. Weed control was discussed and Jon K. has given Nadine the supplies/chemicals for the process and is helping get things going. Jon K. has also repaired a picnic table at the ponds and it’s back in place ready for use.

Annual Meeting Date was discussed and set for the Saturday of the Labor Day weekend 9/3/22 11:00 AM at the firehouse on CR 88. Terry J. will get with Chief “Red” to arrange chairs and availability of the firehouse.

Grader repair issues were discussed and the tires are back on the front wheels and Terry J. has discussed the brake repairs with Scot Butz and he will help Terry J. get the seals in the wheel cylinder replaced/repaired in his building in their “spare time”. Costs hopefully will be minimal if we do it ourselves.

Point of discussion on Road Maintenance and gravel issues was held. Less precipitation than normal has kept massive erosion and wash out of our roads, for the most part, to a minimum so far. Jon K. gave a rundown on material costs from last year and what might be expected costs in the coming year. Terry J. suggests that we do a survey of the areas that need drainage correction so that they can be repaired and prevent road materials from washing away. Correcting drainage problems may include some expenses such as culvert pipes and flares, landscaping timbers, posts for retaining sections, etc. depending on the severity of the problem and may need to be budgeted over a couple of fiscal years but needs to be assessed. Several areas were identified and Terry J. asked if everyone would let him know where these spots are and he would look at costs.

Proposed budget for next year was presented by Jon K. and line item compared to last year’s. At which time the president was reminded to get his expenses in for the newsletter and get with the program!! (He took his chastising very well… he didn’t gravel…. At least not much anyway). Updates and reallocations were discussed and noted. Jon K. was tasked to make the adjustments and proposed budget was approved pending updates discussed.

Terry J. received some information for the newsletter and has assured everyone that he’ll get on it when he gets everything he needs to put it together.

Jon K. motions for the meeting to adjourn, George P. 2nd the motion ……………. We’re Adjourned