Welcome to The Pike Trails Ranches Improvement Association (PTRIA) web site. PTRIA is a non-profit organization whose membership consists of property owners in Pike Trails Ranches. Its purpose is to maintain “common elements” owned by PTRIA for benefit of the land owners in Pike Trails Ranches. These common elements consist of 17 miles of roads and 7 tracts of land for use by PTRIA members and their guests. For more details on the scope and responsibilities of PTRIA please click here to read the Bylaws.

Ranch Roads

Board meeting to review received RFP responses for ranch road work to be held on Sunday April 7th, 2024 at 10:30am at Fire Station No. 3. Agenda can be found on the recently added pages column and on the PRTIA Meeting Minutes page, Board Meeting Minutes section.


On Sunday, September 24th Ken Thomas, Terry Johnson, George Purnell, Nadine and Scott Butz drove the horseshoe of Deer, Antelope and Elk to identify problem areas and decide the best course of action to correct. A scope of work will be drawn up based on those findings. Over the next few weeks this same group will drive the ancillary roads on the ranch as well. More details to come.


Want to know about weather in Pike Trails Ranches? Click here for current and past weather information.


PTRIA is responsible for maintaining 17 miles of roads in Pike Trails Ranches. Click here to read all about road conditions, road maintenance and anything else related to the roads.  


PTRIA owns the land on which several ponds are located and maintained for the benefits of PTRIA members and their guests. Click here to read all about the ponds.

Get Involved

Some PTRIA members go the extra mile and volunteer for various things such as helping out with road maintenance, maintaining snow fences (to keep snow drifts off the roads), maintaining the ponds, etc. However, there are always fewer volunteers than are truly needed. If you can occasionally offer up some time to help out, please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. We can put your name on a list and contact you when there are volunteering opportunities. You are always free to decline when contacted based on the activity and your availability.

Stay Informed

On the right side of the web site pages you will see recent postings keeping members informed about PTRIA activities. 

PTRIA Dues Paid

Have you ever wondered who has paid their PTRIA membership dues?  Click here to see a map of Pike Trails lots and see which lots have had their dues paid.

Smart Bear —

Watch this entire 25 second video. It was taken earlier this year (2021) at a Pike Trails property on Cougar Lane. It also shows the need to lock your vehicle doors even though you are at home. And don’t keep any sort of food in your vehicles.

Pike Trails Magic

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