Fishing in the upper and lower ponds on Trout Lane is open to dues paying Pike Trails property owners and their guests. When the Association has sufficient funds, the ponds are usually stocked with catchable trout in the spring. We urge those who are fishing to release their catch back into the ponds unless it is obvious the fish will not survive.

PTRIA Ponds are open to fishing to all dues-paying Pike Trails Ranches landowners and their guests.

Fish & Ponds News


Last Saturday and Sunday, about eight people showed up for a Pike Trails work day to help with a cable drag to remove weeds from the Trout Lane Upper and Lower Ponds.  The crew was headed up by Nadine Leibensperger. These folks were able to take out at lease 95% of the weeds.  This has made a tremendous difference and the pond is now quite fishable.  Thanks everybody.

Upper Pond Before the Cable Drag


Upper Pond After the Cable Drag


Lower Pond Before the Cable Drag


Lower Pond After the Cable Drag

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