Fishing in the upper and lower ponds on Trout Lane is open to dues paying Pike Trails property owners and their guests. When the Association has sufficient funds, the ponds are usually stocked with catchable trout in the spring. We urge those who are fishing to release their catch back into the ponds unless it is obvious the fish will not survive.

PTRIA Ponds are open to fishing to all dues-paying Pike Trails Ranches landowners and their guests.

Fish & Ponds News


The 2023 class of trout have arrived and they are getting used to their new home. One golden trout managed to slip in with the others at the fish hatchery and was put into the lower pond. So, if you happen to catch it, please toss him/her back. It is not a goldfish.

Grab your fishing rods, let’s go fishing

Gather as the community of Pike Trails and enjoy the ponds for an afternoon.

Saturday June 17th (father’s day weekend)


* Fishing

* Friendly conversation 

* Horseshoes other picnic type games 

Potluck food

Burgers and Hot dogs (provided)

Icy Pops (provided)

Please bring a side dish of your choice for sharing.

Bring chairs, sunscreen, bug spray and any other picnic essentials

*Normal pond and community rules still apply

Questions or concerns please email


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