Roads & the Grader – A Little History


Back in 1993, dues were $50 and many of the roads did not have gravel.  Dues were not enough to keep the main roads graveled. The roads were graded once a year for $4-5,000 and usually done by Paul King. That didn’t leave much for gravel. We could afford up to 10 loads. Eventually dues were raised to $125 according to the 2009 PTRIA Newsletter.

In 2002 Bernie Mann asked the board about buying a grader. The membership asked about using the CD. Per the bylaws, the CD wasn’t to be used, but the membership requested that it be used. After looking around, Bernie got the grader for $9500 and started grading in 2003. PTRIA saved money by not contracting out the grading, so the loan was repaid in 2.5 years out of the dues. Bernie did grading solely for 10 years. Considering where the roads were 20 years ago, they are now in great shape.

Now we need a primary person to do the grading and see that the grader is maintained.  The grader is now in good condition.  Mike Bandera and Jay Mulholland have both offered to help, so don’t be surprised if you see someone other than Bernie running the grader and please be patient if you come up behind them when they are grading.  They are not looking back in the rearview mirror every minute to see if someone is behind them.  If anyone else is interested in learning how to run the grader and has the time to occasionally volunteer to grade some roads please let us know by using the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page.

The newsletter always states: “If there is a bad spot in the road, please call Bernie to take care of it.”  Generally, Bernie grades as needed. He doesn’t grade the roads based on who does and does not pay their dues.

Washboards: They come back shortly after grading!

Snow Removal
In the past, members have asked, “Can PTRIA afford to contract for snow removal? Bernie tried calling someone, but they wouldn’t come until others were serviced first. Another was too expensive and wanted a full-year contract. Basically, Bernie couldn’t find anyone acceptable. As it is, some folks have plow vehicles who volunteer. Bernie has offered to reimburse them for fuel.

Road Maintenance
Grading in winter is difficult when the ground is frozen. Grading is best done just after a rain or snowmelt.

Our insurance covers us for grading only on PTRIA roads. Therefore, the grader will not be used on private property.

Recent Doe Lane Road Damage
The late 2018 July and early August rains caused a partial wash out on the south side of Doe Lane.  Bernie has contacted Paul King to see about getting this repaired ASAP.  Paul is also working on the numerous recent washouts in the Cañon City area so we’ll need to be patient.  Update — Paul King repaired the damage during the week of August 13.

Doe Lane Washout, Pic 1

Doe Lane Washout, Pic 2
Doe Lane Washout, Pic 3

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