Snow Removal

Our volunteer “snowplower’s” equipment took a beating this Spring, sometimes requiring major repairs at personal expense, so I don’t blame a couple of them contemplating” quitting” the volunteer plowing business in Pike Trails Ranches.  For those of us who are left, we will no longer be able to plow private driveways.  If you know of someone who can do this, feel free to hire them. We will continue to do our best to keep the roads cleared on a volunteer basis. For the benefit of the “newcomers”, snow plowing is not included in your annual dues.

Due to our recent snows, we’ve been asked for names of people who are able to plow driveways in the Pike Trails area.  Ernie Cox lives in Pike Trails and has a tractor capable of plowing out those deep, wind-driven drifts.  Give Ernie a call on his cell phone at 270-875-3536.


I met Ernie Cox and his son Perry at the annual meeting this past summer and knew that they had equipment to clear the snow from my road. I made arrangements with Ernie to plow all the way to my cabin, which is roughly a mile. It took him approximately 1 1/2 hour to complete the job. I was very surprised at his reasonable pricing and he did a great job. When the snow and the drifts get more than you want to tackle, give these guys a call. You will be very happy with their work.  Thank you very much Ernie and Perry.


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