Weather in the Pike Trails area can vary significantly from the north to the south end of the ranch. Certainly, temperatures on still clear winter nights, can vary by 20 ºF or more. The purpose of this page is provide a place for those interested in the Pike Trails weather to come and see how we are faring.

What’s our weather been like?

Daily highs and lows for the past 7 days.

Jan. 16 morning low 19 ºF, high 37 ºF, max wind gust 24 mph
Jan. 15 low 11 ºF, high 35 ºF, max wind gust 38 mph
Jan. 14 low 15 ºF, high 31 ºF, max wind gust 33 mph
Jan. 13 low 30 ºF, high 46 ºF, max wind gust 34 mph
Jan. 12 low 1 ºF, high 48 ºF, max wind gust 21 mph
Jan. 11 low -4 ºF, high 54 ºF, max wind gust 8 mph
Jan. 10 low -1 ºF, high 44 ºF, max wind gust 8 mph

TODAY, SAT 01/16
1% Precip. / 0
Mostly sunny. High 31 ºF. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.

1% Precip. / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low 18 ºF. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

2% Precip. / 0
A few passing clouds, otherwise generally sunny. High around 35 ºF. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

Are you wondering how this year’s temperatures and moisture are comparing to previous years? Temperatures can easily be compared by using a measure called degree-days. This is a unit used by designers of heating and cooling systems. Each heating day’s degree-day value is found by averaging the daily high and low and subtracting the result from a fixed number, usually 65. For example, if the high temperature for the day was 58 ºF and the low was 30 ºF, the average would be 44. This subtracted from 65 would give 21 degree-days. The degree-days for the day would be 21 degree-days. The greater the degree-day value, the colder the day is. Adding the degree-days for the entire month is a way to then compare one month to another.

Below, is shown the monthly heating degree-day, rain, and snow totals for 2018 and 2019 to date and the averages for the past 15 years. Using the degree-day numbers, one can easily compare the “coldness” of one month to last year and the average from the past 15 years. The numbers below apply to the SE corner of the ranch.

Monthly Degree-Day Values From 2004 to Present
MonthAverage of past 16 yearsLast year, 2019This year, 2020

The table below shows the monthly snow and rain amounts for the SE corner of the ranch from 2004 through 2018.

Monthly Precipitation Values from 2004 to the Present
MonthAverage Snow for the
Past 16 Years
Average Rain for the
Past 16 Years
Last year, 2019, Snow/RainThis year, 2020, Snow/Rain
Jan.8.478"0.014"9.0" S/0.0" R
0.75" S/0.0" R
Feb.6.648"0.000"12.875" S/0.0" R15.0" S/0.0" R
March8.539"0.008"17.25" S/0.33" R4.25" S/0.0" R
April12.125"0.184"8.75" S/0.27" R9.75" S/0.0" R
May4.625"0.881"9.0" S/0.86" R0.00" S/0.61" R
June0"0.638"0.0" S/0.84" R2.5" S/0.39" R
July0"2.943"0.0" S/1.61" R0.0" S/2.14" R
Aug.0"2.473"0.0" S/2.06" R0.0" S/0.91" R
2.157"0.0" S/1.07" R8.0" S/0.02" R
Oct.3.055"0.339"22.5" S/0.0" R7.0" S/0.00" R
Nov.4.938"0.020"11.75" S/0.02" R7.0" S/0.66" R
Dec.58.506"0.005"5.375" S/0.0" R8.25" S/0.00" R
59.19" yearly snow average8.362" yearly rain average96.5" Snow/7.06" Rain for 2019.
55.5" Snow/4.73" Rain for 2020.
Total snow for '19-'20 snow season, 71.875". Total snow for '20-'21 snow season, 30.25".

Below is a table from The Intellicast website,, showing, among other interesting Guffey weather facts, the record highs and lows for each month.

Record high and low temps for Guffey area as per the Weather Channel.
MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowMeanAvg. Precip.Record HighRecord Low
Jan.31ºF-2ºF15ºF0.32"61ºF (1997)-50ºF (1962)
Feb.36ºF2ºF19ºF0.29"60ºF (1986)-42ºF (1989)
March42ºF14ºF28ºF0.81"68ºF (1997)-30ºF (1965)
April49ºF22ºF36ºF0.95"73ºF (1992)-14ºF (1973)
May59ºF32ºF46ºF1.4"83ºF (2003)10ºF (1982)
June70ºF40ºF55ºF1.32"87ºF (1990)24ºF (1975)
July75ºF46ºF61ºF2.29"88ºF (2005)32ºF (1992)
Aug.73ºF45ºF59ºF2.50"87ºF (2000)30ºF (1992)
Sept.67ºF37ºF52ºF1.08"83ºF (1978)8ºF (1965)
Oct.57ºF26ºF41ºF0.74"79ºF (1980)-2ºF (1979)
Nov.42ºF14ºF28ºF0.49"65ºF (1999)-33ºF (1972)
Dec.32ºF2ºF17ºF0.39"58ºF (1995)-40ºF (1978)

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