5-16-2020 PTRIA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

5-16-2020 10:08am    Pike Trails Ranches meeting minutes

Board members present:

Jay Mulholland

Jon Klima

Mike Bandera

Terry Johnson

Cindy Chew

Bernie Mann- present for consulting

This meeting is called to discuss the fuel tank located at the Fire Dept building in Pike Trails.

The Fire Dept wants us to move our fuel tank located at the Fire Station in Pike Trails to the NE side of the building-closer to the road, so the Fire Dept can regrade the area around the building. There is concern of a fire hazard where it is currently located & concern of vandalism & theft if it was located closer to the road.  There is also concern that it is a liability for the Fire Dept to keep the fuel tank on the Fire Dept property- since the fuel tank belongs to Pike Trails for grader use.

We discussed moving the fuel tank to a lot on Cougar lane that Pike Trails Ranches owns & we viewed the lot.  The fuel tank also would need to have a stock tank installed under it, per county regulations.  We plan to vote by email to move the fuel tank.

Jon Klima provided us each with financial records for Pike Trails expenses. We need to approve the budget for next year. Mike made the motion to approve the budget, Terry seconded the motion, all voted in favor of approving the budget.

PTRIA Budget 2020-2021

balance of funds available   $35,256.75

expenses $19,297.50

Jon made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Terry seconded the motion to adjourn @11am.

All approved to adjourn.

Secretary of Pike Trails Ranches

Cindy Chew

Pike Trails Magic

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