2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Sept. 5, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Jay Mulholland at 11 am.

Officers: President – Jay Mulholland,

1st V.P. – Mike Bandera,

2nd V.P. – Terry Johnson,

Treasurer – Jon Klima,

Secretary – Cindy Chew

There were 34 people in attendance. We had introduction of new owners to Pike Trails Ranches, welcome neighbors!


Minutes from 2019 business meeting were read and approved by Lee Boswell, 2nd by Eddie Pacheco.


We need Volunteers to help with road grading. Please contact a board member to help!

PTRIA Volunteer day on Sept 12 at 9am, at the pond to help with weeds & at the fire station to help with snow fences.

When paying dues – Please fill in email address & phone number so that PTRIA can reach you when repairing snow fences, etc. Your email address will not be given to other organizations.

PTRIA had 40 loads of gravel delivered & spread on roads this summer

Road repair has been done on Deer Lane.

Thanks to Leslie Thomas for road work.

Thanks to Eric for working on Elk Lane road.

Thanks to Richard Mandel for fixing Pike Trails no trespassing sign.

Thank you, Jay Mulholland for doing a fine job with road grading.

Volunteers installed 1000’ of snow fence on Buck & Antelope.

Our roads are much improved! We appreciate all our volunteers!

Treasurers report read, approved by Bernie Mann, 2nd by Bill Jones.

PTRIA has spent $14,120 on road gravel this year, $1371 on snow fencing,

Road repair is budgeted at $3000. Ponds were restocked with rainbow trout at a cost

of $900 & maintenance cost is budgeted at $900. Total income $28,124 so far for this year.

Total Expenses $17,620 so far for this year. Please see PTRIA budget report for more details.

Jon Klima resigned from being in charge of pond maintenance, Scott & Nadine Butz volunteered to take over pond maintenance. Weeds need to be removed – we need 2 tractors & volunteers. We have a Volunteer Signup sheet, to do so….on Sept 12. PTRIA restocked pond with fish. We had discussion about buying “fingerlings” – small size fish to cut down on stocking cost. We will be checking into feasibility to see if it’s a good option for us. Bill Jones said he will donate $150 towards purchase of “fingerlings.”

Pike trails website,, is working again after technical repairs!

We had a board meeting to discuss moving the fuel tank, which is used for PTRIA road equipment, to a different parcel of PTRIA land located on Cougar Lane. This is due to requirement that the tank be moved farther away from the pond that is used for firefighting.

We had cows going thru fences once this year at SW area of Pike Trails. We have had cooperation with one of the 3 area ranchers, Dave Wolf, who owns cows who agreed to help in repairing fences around Pike Trails Ranches.

Bill Jones brought up a problem of trespassers. A black or blue vehicle entered his driveway & gate at about 3am on Eagle Lane. They left when they saw him come outside his home. Please be on the watch for trespassers.

Lee Boswell made a motion to adjourn, Bill Jones seconded, motion carried.

Thank you, neighbors for making Pike Trails Ranches a great place to live! Submitted by Cindy Chew,

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