BOD Meeting Minutes, May 8, 2021

                    Pike Trails Ranches meeting minutes May 8 2021, 1pm

Present: Pres. Jay Mullholland,1st Vice Pres Mike Bandera, 2nd Vice President Terry Johnson, Treas. Jon Klima, Sec. Cindy Chew

PTRIA member-Bill Jones

First order of business is cows coming in thru on Pike Trails owners. Cows are getting thru on Anderson’s property and on the south side of Pike Trails at 31-mile ranch. We have agreed that Andersons will have to deal with the cows themselves because they will not give access to the owner of cows. Cows coming thru 31-mile ranch is coming thru an open gate which belongs to Pike Trails. 31-mile Ranch owners have to access their property by going thru Pike Trails property & gate.  We discussed putting a lock on our gate if the 31 Mile Ranch continues to leave the gate open for cows. Jay has had many phone calls about loose cows.

Jon gave a report on stocking fish in the pond. Several Pike Trails members have made donations for the fish purchase for this year.

Jon is looking for another source for purchasing fish due to the high cost of delivery. Mike brought up possibility of ordering fish from Dept Of Corrections who deliver fish to private parties. Bill mentioned pricing from gravel pit in Cripple Creek.

Pike Trails has bought 2 new grader tires from Jim’s Tire Service in Canon City. Scott Butz & Jay Mullholland are working on getting some new tires for the grader. Scott is doing some maintenance, filters etc. on the grader as well as grading our roads on Pike Trails and is now on the payroll for grading our roads.

Gravel is going to be needed soon, we need to find a new source as our last source is retiring.

This year is an election year for Pike Trails. We will be announcing that at the meeting.

PTRIA Budget handed out for ’20-’21 and proposed budget for ’21-‘22.

Checking balance $10,882.42.

Terry & Mike motioned to adjourn the meeting, all agreed.

Respectfully submitted,    

Cindy Chew, Secretary

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