Sept. 4, 2021 PTRIA Annual Meeting Minutes

Officers Present:

Jay Mulholland-President, Mike Bandera- VP, Terry Johnson-2nd VP,

Jon Klima-Treasurer, Cindy Chew- Secretary

42 People in attendance


Wildlife Manager, Bob Carochi, spoke about deer collars & mountain lion studies. Bob also talked about shooting-the law states that you cannot shoot on or over a public road. Hunting is only allowed on personal property if they have permission from the owners. If you have bee hives or chickens-Please electrify the area to protect them from bears. A person does not need a fishing license to fish from our PTRIA pond. Please contact Bob Carochi, ph719-276-8844 if you need any wildlife assistance.

There have been complaints about shooting on PTRIA properties. It is legal to shoot on your own property, please be considerate of neighbors & communicate with them that you are target practicing in a safe manner with backdrops.


Cows are being kept within their fencing!  🙂

New people were welcomed to Pike Trails Ranches & they introduced themselves.

Jon Klima, gave a treasurer’s report. Total projected income this year $20,242.12. Total projected expenses this year $25,294. Our expenses are becoming higher than our income, with gravel, fuel & insurance increasing greatly.  Jon suggested increasing our dues to $175 next year. An idea was brought up to charge new buyers a HOA fee when purchasing new property in the area but it was discussed that it is not legal to do so. A motion was made by Leslie Thomas & 2nd by Dave McGee to raise the dues to $175 per lot, with additional lots at $70.  We took a vote to raise the dues, 100% voters said “yes” for raising dues.  PTRIA spread 46 loads of gravel this year so far.

Work day is scheduled for Sept 11, 9am, to meet at the firehouse on CR88.

We discussed the current board members who are willing to continue serving as board members for the next yr. All agreed.

Bernie Mann made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Dave McGee 2nd.

Potluck following the meeting. Cindy Chew, Secretary

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